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Paris - Classical Music Through The Ages workshop - June 17th, 2023

Explore classical music and more with classical singer Kayla Collingwood as your guide! Learn about the history of classical music and composers, learn new skills inspired by artistic disciplines, immerse yourself in new worlds, and engage in interactive discussions and activities!

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Christmas Treats

Classical Music Immersion Workshop: Christmas!

Join me for a 2-hour dive into classical music! We'll discover carefully selected Christmas-themed musical works, learn about the composers and contexts, and take inspiration from a festive classical soundtrack as we get creative with card-making!

December 21st, 2023 - 3:45PM-5:45PM


La Forêt de Lumière: Immersive Holistic Event

Join me and other practitioners with a diverse range of expertises in a holistic wellness weekend in a magical forest in Bretagne, France! My sessions will focus on unlocking the potential of your voice and body as your most powerful tools of expression!

May 17th-May 21st, 2024


Image by Marius Masalar

"I loved the workshop, everything was great! It was really interesting to reflect on music in another way, and I feel like I understand a bit more about classical music. I loved getting to share our thoughts [and] different takeaways. I also really liked learning [the] makes it feel more real."

- Abi

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Classical Music Immersion Workshop Classical Music Through The Ages (Facebook Event Cover)

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Host - Kayla Collingwood

Kayla Collingwood obtained a Master of Music in Classical Singing in her home country of New Zealand, and has been building a career as a performer/creator/educator ever since! She is passionate about sharing classical music with new (and returning!) audiences in innovative and welcoming ways. In 2020, she established Sound Garden : classical music immersion - an online hub for learning about and engaging with classical music.

More about Kayla:
More about Sound Garden:


Classical Music Immersion Workshop Classical Music Through The Ages (Facebook Event Cover)

Classical Music Through The Ages

Learn about the evolution of classical music from the Middle Ages through to today!

CMIW All About Opera (Facebook Event Cover).png

All About Opera

Listen to the voices of the past and present as you immerse yourself in the world of opera!

Interested in a 1:1 session?

I offer online and in-person classical music immersion sessions, where you can discover the works, composers, and history of classical music in an interactive way, and learn how to integrate classical music into your daily life. You can select a general overview of classical music, or we can look at specific topics/works/composers of interest. 

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