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Writing as always been a side passion for me; singing and performance comes first, and writing is a close second. Currently, my focus is my Master of Music thesis. Most of the time, it's poetry. Next year, it will be a foray into libretto writing. Today, it's starting a blog - yet again. Since it's attached to the website, this one will probably last!

I am currently listening to a writer I have loved since discovering her album Begin To Hope. Some of you may know of Regina Spektor - this incredibly talented singer/songwriter, who herself comes from a background of classical piano. She has just released a new album, called Remember Us To Life. An apt title for today, a day where writing, my love, has been dragging me down! The songs "Black and White" and "The Light" are my particular favourites at the moment. If you have never heard of Regina Spektor, have a listen to this. If you are a fan of quirky, piano-based alternative pop, you will like her!

I've almost finished listening to the album, at which point perhaps I will have enough inspiration to keep writing!

Thanks for visiting my site!

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