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I've just returned home from a blocking rehearsal for Opera Factory's upcoming production of Trouble in Tahiti (double billed with Gianni Schicchi). The show is really coming together, and is almost ready for teching, which is great, as I'll be away singing an Elijah for a couple of days during tech week. Having done a lot of the work beforehand (but leaving things open for rehearsal direction) has meant that it is all shaping up quite nicely. Of course, on a tight schedule you don't really have time to work exactly how you would like to or spend as much time walking scenes through, but the more experienced you are, the easier that becomes (or so I hear!).

In one hour, I will be Skyping a family in France, who I will hopefully work for next year as an au pair. If all goes well, I will be able to get my paperwork sorted to take to my visa appointment next month. Things are slowly being ticked off - flight plans are sorted, forms printed, scans and copies of documents done and ready to be verified, and having a family confirmed will mean that I can get my contract and confirmation of French language lessons. It is all quite overwhelming, but I'm glad I started getting organised early. It has meant that I've had a fairly clear time frame in which to get things done.

My Master of Music thesis and recital are the other two things which are currently in the process of being prepared. As someone who tends to work best from task to task, it has been a challenge to have an extended writing project like this, but it will be good preparation for my future projects.

Having recently given some of my singing students a big pep talk about working through processes, I suppose it is only right that I be forced to take my own advice! So, what was that advice?

1) Enjoy the process.

2) Realise that it is necessary, and that some sessions/days will be better than others.

3) Celebrate your successes along the way.

4) Recognise where you could improve, and focus on those areas.

5) Split the overall process into smaller goals.

I'm feeling inspired, so I'm off to keep working on my in-process projects!

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