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Since the age of 7, I have always written songs and poetry. Hundreds of them. Some have been published in various places. I also self-published a book. I had selected the poems for a second book, which so far has not come to be. Over the past two years, my output has been rather limited. I'm not too sure why. I have been busy, yes. I have also been happier, I think. It is much easier to write when one is sad or emotional. Also, I have started dabbling in some bigger writing projects, which are too big for me to juggle with my current schedule.

My most recent poem was written on the RER train on my way to my French class. It was in French, and was a calligram (a picture poem). It reignited something in me, and I had already been thinking about starting to publish poems here on this blog. I may start by reposting some old material, which currently has largely been posted on the site thestarlitecafe.

At the same time, I'm in a bit of a writing mood, so here's a little something to end this post with.

P. S. I have some other blog posts which are currently in progress, such as all the info about my recent Vienna trip. I hope to start finishing some content soon!


The newborn sun rises over ancient fields,

grey with age, yet youthful under the golden wash.

The sombre forest rejuvenates with sprouting leaves

and gardens are painted tastefully with coloured blossoms.

Wisteria flowers accent gilded fence frames,

and snowdrops hang under the warming sky.

On the narrow streets, the townsfolk

are still wary

of the frost








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