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I press my hand over my defenseless heart,

like a protective shield from the piercing dart,

slicing through the star-filled night,

invisible to the eye, yet birthed from light.

The rose-hued tip reflects the flame

trailing the blazing arrow, so deftly aimed;

seducing my soul with sweet, sentimental music,

hypnotising my mind, my dreams become lucid.

A little anaesthetic prevents any pain,

and quickly flows into all of my veins.

The subtle drug begins to alter my thoughts,

my speech influenced by the chemical draughts.

You pull the arrow out from its resting place,

kissing me softly, turning my face.

I am unaware as you throw it to the ground;

I see only your love in the colourful surrounds.

The night ends, and with the dawn I know well,

I wake up still mesmerised under your spell.

You hold me entranced in your sparkling gaze,

until the day you disappear in a silver haze.

Months pass, even years, but I remember you still,

weaving memories in my soul while the summer birds trill.

You appear before me and remind me of your presence

by pressing the hollow you forged as your residence.

#poetry #poem #arrow #love #lostlove #fantasy #romance #creativewriting

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