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The great thing about having some actual free time for a change is that I have been able to be extremely productive. I am enjoying singing and experimenting, writing, planning, creating, and polishing. This focused work time will end with several projects begun and at least one brought to completion. I am planning to release a new book of poetry - an e-book to begin with, with the possibility of a hard copy book in the future if there is enough demand. To that end, I will not be posting any poetry here on my website until the book is released this month. After that, I will start posting some new work, and getting stuck in to a few other long-term projects.

Of course, I am also still a singer! Now that I think I have almost recovered from sickness, I will be ready to start getting out there again and performing. It's very challenging to start in a new country where I am unknown, but I now have some great connections. I am looking forward to returning to Paris soon; although I am loving being able to focus hard on my writing, I am becoming a bit stir-crazy, wanting to sing, explore, and have some commitments!

Watch out on August 17th for book release news - an update, if not the actual release!

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