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Woodland: Published!

My second book of poetry is now available for purchase on Amazon as an e-book! If the hyperlink doesn't work, just copy and paste the following code into the search bar on Amazon: B074V2LR9N.

It feels great to have completed it; the majority of the poems had been ready since about 2014, but I didn't have the time to collate, edit, and format. I decided that while I had a few weeks of unemployment in New Zealand, I would do it then.

I am now back in Paris, recovering from jet lag and organising my life. I have quite a lot of administrative stuff to do before I start working as an au pair (for the second time) in September, and need to make some edits to my Master of Music thesis before submitting the final copy (the initial copies have been graded). After all that is done, I will be able to work on fresh projects in my spare time, including singing, libretto writing, and more poetry. I'm looking forward to having new things to work on!

Also, if you are keen to support my creative endeavours in another way, please visit my Patreon page. Financial support is so important, and it has been a struggle at times, between working on singing and writing projects, working other jobs, and studying. My Patreon works on a monthly basis, and there are rewards for patrons who support my work at a certain level. If I am able to gain some monthly support, I will be able to do more singing and writing than I am currently able to do!

So, head to Amazon (you might also need to download the Kindle app on your tablet or smartphone) and Patreon, and take a look!

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