The first chord rises

out of expectant silence

and a melody gently forms

under your fingers,

as you shift across

the four strings.

This is our first meeting,

the twisting beginning.

Later, your hands have found mine.

I feel the callouses on your fingertips

as I study their designs -

holding them tenderly

and gazing at their intricacy.

I fall into your striking eyes;

I am not accustomed

to someone of such beauty.

I suddenly lose control

and am no longer my own,

seeking to devour and to be devoured

by this passion that began burning

over the passing hours.

I place your hands on my skin

until I lose all sense of where I end and you begin.

In the morning light,

you hold me with strength and tenderness combined,

and whisper life while I slumber,

holding on to the last moment of my dreams,

waking to the wonder

who sleeps beside me.

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