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The Elysian Fields glisten in the distance,

catching my eye with their golden promises.

I begin to run; I know the right direction,

but the path is overgrown with ancient roses.

Strong arms hold me back as I leave the starting block,

and a voice reprimands gently in firm undertones,

reminding me that I must keep on working steadily,

for the brush must be stripped from the cobbled stones,

before I can reach the end of this silent path,

that I alone chose, even though Time has decided

the day and the hour that I must proceed;

I must follow her lead and consent to be guided.

The way must be cleared if what is to come

is to be mine when the chest at last lies before me;

while I wait I am tearing down all the barbed barriers,

and learning the skills to forge my skeleton key.

One day I will be awoken in the middle of the night,

prepared for battle, but still a little frightened.

Patience knows well just what is required,

and places the gifts and the tools of enlightenment.

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