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I have always been quite a project-oriented person. I have to have things that I am working towards, and feel a bit lost if I don't. Which is something I have discovered even more than before over the past few months/couple of years.

With this awareness, I decided to do something a bit opposite to that, which was to take away as much of the pressure as possible that I had put on myself to be doing things as the end of the year approaches. That means I've put the brakes on everything - no scheduling anything more than social events, no deadlines for writing/social media, no set practice schedule for singing, and any work on any of my projects has just been for fun. I gave myself permission to just get settled into my new life and job in London and to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas.

This morning in the shower (shower thoughts, amiright?), I was reflecting over everything that has happened since moving overseas. I hadn't realised just how many things I was trying to manage in my life while going through some pretty huge life changes - no wonder I had been struggling!

As we head towards 2019, I'm feeling ready to start getting a bit more professional about my projects again. Hopefully with some lessons learned and some better systems in place. With a full-time job, I still will need to remember not to go too hard with it all.

I have had some wonderful support and all the messages, kind words and thoughts, and general being-there-for-me have helped more than I can express. As an extremely independent person, it is difficult for me to ask for and accept help, but I'm getting better at that (at least, I think!).

New year, new me, and all that!

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