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2020 comes to an end

A brief update on where I'm at right now:

- I am back in music full-time (as a performer and business owner)

- I am based in France (Paris area)

This year I was able to step back into a music career, despite the challenges of 2020. I have partnered with pianist Tatyana Vitkovskaya on several (ongoing) projects, and performance projects are lining up for 2021 projects with a variety of people/groups/organisations. I have also been quite busy writing, and there will be more on that next year.

I started my business Sound Garden ( in November, which both allows me to have another avenue through which to bring people into the world of classical music, and also gives me the freedom to pursue singing again.

Thank you to those who never stopped believing in me through the tough times, and especially to those who encouraged me through the darkest days. The last few years have taught me a lot, and I'm stepping back into this career with renewed vision and passion, and also more confidence and knowledge about when to say "no" (though that will always be a work in progress!).

I'm really looking forward to all that 2021 will bring - virus or no virus.

Stay happy and healthy!

Merry Christmas!


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