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Poet/Librettist: Commission a poem, song text, or libretto from me

Updated: Jun 1, 2023


Looking to commission a poem, song text, or libretto? Read on to find out more about how I can help!


First, a little about me...

I am a classical singer and writer from New Zealand, currently based in France. I have been writing songs and poetry since the age of 7.

My first book - "Reverie" - was published in 2012, as a limited hard-copy run. "Woodland" was released in 2017 in e-book format, and "Embodied" is due for release in both physical and digital formats in Autumn 2022. My poems and song texts have been used by both myself and other songwriters and composers over the years for various projects.

Libretto writing is something I have been exploring more recently, and my first collaboration as a librettist is currently in progress. As a classical singer, I think music and poetry are the perfect marriage!



You may like to commission a poem for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • As a gift for a loved one.

  • As a way of verbalising your story, your vibe, what you want to foster in your life or environment.

  • As a text to set to music.

We'll work together to find the topic, structure, length, and content to suit your needs.

Check out some examples of my work here:

Ready to get started? Contact me at the link below, providing as much information as you can. I will then provide you with a price quote, and we can begin to craft your perfect poem!


Libretti and song texts

Are you a composer or songwriter looking to commission a libretto or song lyrics?

I can:

  • Provide a text to match your already-composed music.

  • Write a text to your specifications for you to set to music.

  • Collaborate with you during the writing process.

I enjoy writing on many different topics; my work often includes elements of history, mythology, and symbolism.

A positive partnership between writer and composer/songwriter is very important to me; the right "fit" is what produces the greatest work!

Pricing varies based on the project scope and specifications.

Contact me at the link below, providing as much information as possible about your project. We can then organise the next steps in the process.


A different request, or need more information?

As a writer, projects can vary enormously! Let me know your idea or ask any questions at the link below.

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