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Paris classical music lessons for babies, children, and teenagers in English or French: classical music immersion/éveil musical, singing, theory

Updated: Jun 6

Are you a Paris-based parent or caregiver? Whether your baby, child, or teenager is already displaying budding musical abilities or you simply recognise the immense value of music education for children, you've come to the right place. I am here to support and nurture their musical journey, providing a dynamic and enriching learning experience that will foster their passion for music and unlock their full potential.


About me

I'm Kayla Collingwood - a New Zealand-born classical singer and music/voice/stagecraft educator. I offer classical music and voice-based 1:1 lessons and workshops for adults and children.

I worked as a nanny for 4 years with children of all ages, and am passionate about developing a personalised, efficient, engaging programme to meet the needs of various ages and developmental stages. I have also taught children in 1:1 and group environments all throughout the teaching aspect of my career!


Lesson types

  • Classical Music Immersion (5yo+) and éveil musical (6 mo - 4yo) - Your child will discover carefully selected classical music pieces and engage in diverse activities designed to deepen their connection with music and develop various skills! Drawing from my experience as a former nanny, I understand the significance of developing activities that cater to various ages and developmental stages. Lessons available à domicile for children and teenagers of all ages, starting from 6 months.

    • For little ones: Music exposure/éveil musical, what age is best to start? For my lessons, I take children from 6 months old. At this age, babies have developed a better ability to concentrate and a greater receptivity to external stimuli. Their hearing and fine motor skills are sufficiently developed so that they can interact with musical instruments and react to different tones and rhythms. Also, at around six months, babies begin to show clearer signs of communication and can express their pleasure and interest, which makes the musical experience more rewarding and beneficial for their cognitive and emotional development.

    • For older children: What is Classical Music Immersion? I have found that there aren't many options for children and teenagers to learn how to listen to classical music - there are early childhood music sessions with sometimes 1 classical music excerpt, school music lessons, and private instrumental/theory classes... but not much else. For this reason, I have created my own options! I enthusiastically accommodate specific interests, ensuring a personalised and enriching musical adventure!

  • Singing - As a professional classical singer, I teach from a classical foundation, while incorporating valuable insights from diverse genres and philosophies. In lessons for children and teenagers, we explore an array of musical styles, such as folk songs, musical theatre, and popular songs, carefully selected to suit their age and vocal development. Music theory and history will be integrated into the lessons as relevant. My usual starting age for students is 5, but I'm open to considering younger learners when combining lessons with Classical Music Immersion. My primary goal is to nurture a well-rounded musical education and a deep appreciation for music in all its forms!

  • Music Theory - In my approach to music education, I prefer to combine music theory lessons with Classical Music Immersion or singing to ensure a seamless integration of theory and practice. Nevertheless, I also offer standalone music theory lessons, tailoring each lesson to suit your child's unique learning style, making the experience both enjoyable and effective. My goal is to empower your child with a profound understanding of the language of music, to enable them to become better listeners and musicians! Please contact me to enquire about theory lessons.


Book a lesson

  • FEE: The base cost for a single 1:1 lesson in 2024 is 40 euros for a 45 minute lesson (ages 6mo-4y), and 50 euros for a 1 hour lesson (ages 5+).

  • LOCATION: At your home in Paris or Val-de-Marne (accessible via public transport), at my home studio in Maisons-Alfort (subject to availability), or at a central music studio (additional booking fee).

I do not currently offer a school term fee. Instead, I offer the option to book one-off lessons or a "pack" of 5 or 10 lessons at a reduced cost to allow for a little flexibility on both sides for availability. Perfect for regular term time lessons, holidays, or back-to-school/special boosts!

Ready to book?


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