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Paris and online: Classical music lessons for children - classical music immersion, singing, theory

Attention, parents and caregivers! Do you have a musically-inclined child in your care? Whether they are already mastering an instrument, displaying an exceptional sense of pitch and/or rhythm, or you simply recognise the immense value of music education for children, you've come to the right place. I am here to support and nurture their musical journey, providing a dynamic and enriching learning experience that will foster their passion for music and unlock their full creative potential. Let's embark on this melodious adventure together!

I offer classical music-based classes and workshops for children (and adults!) in Paris and online:

  • Classical Music Immersion - Embark on a delightful journey of exploration with carefully selected classical music pieces and engaging activities designed to deepen your connection with the music! Whether for an infant (in-person lessons only), child, teenager, or adult, these experiences are tailored to captivate learners of all ages. Drawing from my experience as a former nanny, I understand the significance of developing activities that cater to various developmental stages. I enthusiastically accommodate specific interests, such as a student's fascination with a particular instrument, ensuring a personalised and enriching musical adventure for each individual! Together, let's immerse ourselves in the world of classical music and unlock the magic it holds for you!

  • Singing - As a professional classical singer, I teach from a classical foundation, while incorporating valuable insights from diverse genres and philosophies. In children's lessons, we explore an array of musical styles, such as folk songs, musical theatre, and popular songs, carefully selected to suit their age and vocal development. My usual starting age for students is 5, but I'm open to considering younger learners when combining lessons with Classical Music Immersion. My primary goal is to nurture a well-rounded musical education and a deep appreciation for music in all its forms!

  • Music Theory - In my approach to music education, I prefer to combine music theory lessons with Classical Music Immersion or singing to ensure a seamless integration of theory and practice. Nevertheless, I also offer standalone music theory lessons, tailoring each lesson to suit your child's unique learning style, making the experience both enjoyable and effective. My goal is to empower your child with a profound understanding of the language of music, to enable them to become better listeners and musicians!


A little about me...

My name is Kayla, and I am a classical singer from New Zealand, now based in Paris, France. As well as singing, I have a passion for opening up the world of classical music to new listeners - no knowledge of music theory or performance skills necessary!

I did not grow up hearing classical music. I began to really explore it at the age of 15, and spent many hours scouring the internet, libraries, and listening to everything I could to familiarise myself with this world as much as I could.

Once I began tertiary singing studies, I soon realised that there was an enormous knowledge gap between those who had been exposed to classical music from a young age and those who had not had the opportunity. Many students in the latter group did not really know how to get started and felt like they were lagging far behind with their knowledge and familiarity with the repertoire, history, and stories of classical music.

I found that many people I encountered outside of music studies also had these barriers when it came to engaging with classical music and other "high arts". Over the years, I have had many conversations on this topic with people from all walks of life. I often saw a gleam in their eyes as they realised that they could discover this world, too, and a spark was lit!

When COVID hit, I turned my life and work experiences into a business: Sound Garden: classical music immersion. The site is a hub for learning about classical music, with digital products and online content designed to help people of all ages to connect with classical music!


Book a lesson

Whether you are booking a one-off class or a package, there are options for you and your child!

FEE: The base cost for a single 1:1 lesson in 2023 is 50 euros per hour.

LOCATION: TBD - at your home (additional transport fee), at a music rehearsal or other appropriate studio (additional booking fee), at my home studio (subject to availability), online.

Note: As I am a performer with rehearsals and performances, and as term dates vary based on location, I do not offer a school term fee. Instead, I offer the option to book a "pack" of 5 or 10 lessons at a reduced cost to allow for a little flexibility on both sides for availability. Perfect for term time, holidays, or back to school musical boosts!

So, how does it work?

  • Contact me and let me know which types of lessons you are interested in for your child. Include information about your child's age, musical abilities/interests where applicable, usual availability, and any other useful points.

  • I will contact you to finalise a plan, provide payment details and refund/reschedule policy, and determine a suitable date and time for one-off or regular lessons.

  • During the session, we'll explore 3-5 musical works according to your interests and experience. We'll discuss elements of the composer/s, context/s, and music, and complete some activities related to each one. We'll complete a reflection and plan the next steps of your classical music listening journey

Lessons are available in English or French. Available for individuals or groups. I also offer group workshops from time to time.

Interested in learning more?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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