I started writing songs and poems at the age of 7. I have published two anthologies of poetry thus far (purchase information available below). 

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in setting a poem to music, to commission a poem (I am also developing my skills as a librettist), or to make any other queries.


Reverie cover.png
Reverie (2012)
Currently unavailable.
(contact me for more information)
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Woodland (2017)
Available to purchase on Amazon Kindle.
More formats available soon.

Libretti/Song Texts

  • Christian Dachez: Song of the Angels (SSA voices)

  • Christian Dachez: Today (voice and piano)

  • Further projects ongoing!

(contact me for more information)


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Check out the products created for Sound Garden : classical music immersion!

  • Workbooks and activity books about classical music for all ages.

  • Online courses.

  • ...and more!