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I have always been a creative person, with many ideas and many tactics to realise them! Aside from my music-focused work, I am also an active writer (mainly poetry, educational content and books, copywriting) and UGC/content creator.


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I started writing songs and poems at the age of 7, and have been writing ever since! I create poetry, song texts/libretti, blog posts, articles, captions, site copy including SEO... the options are endless!

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Growing up as a 90s kid meant that I had internet exposure from a very young age and have used digital marketing and online content A LOT throughout my classical music career! Initially, I did it because I "had to". However, over time it has come to be something I quite enjoy doing - and have had some accidental success with while just messing about!


Through a lot of trial and error, learning to analyse data, and figuring out trends as they come and go, I have learned many actual skills and am no longer just experimenting (although I still do this, too - there's only one way to get better!). The knowledge I have picked up over time has helped me to navigate the ever-changing landscape on a variety of different platforms for a niche audience. Now, I also offer UGC (user generated content) and content creation services, helping other businesses to build trust with their communities!

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