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Have you ever wanted to...

  • Learn to engage and express with your voice

  •  Learn about the wonderful world of classical music?

Now is your opportunity!


Hi! I'm Kayla Collingwood: a classical singer and voice/stagecraft/music educator.


I teach singing, voice/stagecraft for wellbeing, and Classical Music Immersion (guided, interactive music history and listening) lessons in 1:1 and group contexts. Lessons are available for adults and children, in Paris or online.

I also create and host tailored workshops and other services for events/retreats/etc., drawing on my background in classical music, theatre studies, and other fields - contact me for more info!

For individual lessons, I offer packs of 1, 5, or 10 lessons (1h duration for adults) to purchase in advance. Gift certificates are also available, valid for 1 year from purchase date. Lesson scheduling is flexible, but contact me before booking to confirm details and availability! 


Singing Lessons - All Genres

Traditional voice lessons, focusing on learning techniques and skills to apply to songs and repertoire.

  • Become equipped with the tools you need to approach the mental/physical challenges you may face in singing (and beyond!).

  • Discover how to use your voice as a flexible, free vessel for communication and expression.

  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of the music, texts, and characters you are singing, so you can share them authentically!


Voice/Stagecraft for Wellbeing

Through methods drawn from stagecraft practices, engage with your most powerful means of expression!

  • Go beyond repertoire and embark on a transformative journey of physical and vocal expression!

  • In a simulated, guided "performance" environment, you'll be in a safe space to explore, improvise, move, vocalise, interact, and play!

  • This experience allows you to foster a deeper connection with your body and your voice. Uncover and unleash your inherent, powerful potential!


Classical Music Immersion

Discover classical music through a guided, interactive historical exploration and listening journey!

  • Learn about a broad range of carefully selected works or hone in on special interests!

  • Using accessible language, I'll unravel the stories behind the compositions, providing you with a deeper understanding of the context and evolution of classical music.

  • Engage with the pieces through discussion and activities, fostering an active, truly immersive listening experience!

Lesson Packages

You can purchase a one-off lesson or a package here, and your lessons can be booked any time within a year from the purchase date! Available for online lessons or in-person (Paris, France). Travel or studio booking fees may apply in some cases. Please contact me before purchasing to confirm location and availability, or to ask any questions you may have!

Simply choose the number of 1h sessions you would like to book, and then let me know whether you would like singing, classical music immersion, or voice/stagecraft for wellbeing lessons!

Taster Lessons

Get an idea of my personality and teaching style through the content on my YouTube channel! More to come :).

Questions? Special package options? Something else?

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