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5 Unique Ways To Integrate Classical Music Into Your Business

Updated: Jan 31

Leverage the power of classical music to optimise your business! Whether you are managing a company, self-employed, working in an office, running a restaurant, or in any other kind of work set-up, you can integrate classical music into both your services and your workspace!

You may be wondering who I am and why you should listen to me. I'm Kayla Collingwood - a Paris-based classical singer, music/voice/stagecraft educator, creator - and a business owner myself. I'm passionate about bringing classical music to new (and returning!) audiences, and have seen first-hand the benefits of classical music in a range of different contexts. I am always inspired by the people and environments I find myself engaging with; I love to come up with new ideas and develop new projects involving my art forms.

In Paris and interested in the services I could offer your business? Check out my portfolio here (French version also available on request).


Benefits of classical music in a business environment

Classical music is a versatile tool with many qualities which can help you to level up your business. A thoughtfully curated soundscape has the remarkable ability to leave a lasting impact on both your internal team and external clients (whether B2B or B2C). The expansive world of classical music, encompassing various subgenres, both instrumental and vocal, offers a diverse range of options to tailor the ambiance to your business needs.

From an internal staff and workplace perspective, classical music can have a positive effect on wellbeing and productivity. Instrumental works characterised by regular rhythms and patterns can enhance focus; the inherent structure of these compositions provides a conducive backdrop for concentration, enabling employees to get into the flow of their tasks and to navigate them efficiently. Classical music also has the capacity to stimulate creativity, reduce stress levels, contribute to overall well-being, and foster a positive work environment. Sounds great, right?!

The strategic use of classical music in marketing and sales environments offers a unique opportunity to craft a distinct ambience. Depending on the desired mood – whether it be exciting, dramatic, or calming – classical compositions can serve as the sonic backdrop to your business narrative. This intentional use of music not only shapes the immediate environment but also leaves a lasting impression on clients and customers. Classical music conveys a sense of quality, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail, contributing to the overall perception of your brand.

You may have already considered simply playing a general classical music playlist through your workplace sound system, There are many other ways in which you can integrate classical music into the workplace; here are 5 suggestions for you!:


1 - Customised Playlists:

While we're on the topic of playlists, consider tailoring classical music playlists to the specific ambience you would like to create, or even have different vibes for specific work areas or departments. Consider energetic compositions for collaborative spaces and calming melodies in quieter zones to enhance focus. Not sure what to add to the playlist? You can visit my classical music hub and head to the playlist section for some ideas, or contact me directly to discuss your needs and get a quote for a personalised service.


2 - Live Classical Performances:

Elevate special occasions, product launches, or corporate events with live classical music performances. Engage local musicians or ensembles to add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your gatherings. Here are some specific examples:

  • You may be a real estate agent, hosting an open home event in a location with a piano. A classical singer could perform some works from the opera, art song, and operetta/musical theatre repertoire with a pianist.

  • You may be in luxury fashion, retail, or a similar customer-facing industry. A chamber music group, such as a string quartet or trio, could perform while customers discover the craftsmanship of your new product.

  • You may be in tech, hosting a conference or gala. Classical musicians can perform contemporary classical music works, including by living composers who could be commissioned to create a new work utilising your tech.

  • You may be hosting an event for a restaurant or art gallery. A solo classical musician or classical music ensemble could provide background entertainment or a featured performance slot.

  • You may be hosting the opening of a new wellness space or an exhibition preview. Consider hiring a solo classical musician who can move around the space with their instrument (such as voice, violin, or flute) as they perform.

  • You may be organising the company Christmas event, and in need of entertainment options. A classical singer and/or classical music ensemble can perform classical hits and seasonal repertoire to create a festive ambience.

Contact local musicians with details about your needs; they will certainly have some creative ideas, too!


3 - Incorporate Classical Music into Training and Wellbeing Programmes:

Include classical music playlists in training programs and workshops to enhance the learning environment, or bring in an external musician or practitioner who uses music in their offerings. As an example, in Paris where I am based, I offer singing, voice/stagecraft for wellbeing, and Classical Music Immersion (an interactive, guided music history and listening experience) workshops. These can benefit attendees in a variety of ways, such as helping them to engage with their bodies/voices as vehicles of expression, to learn to enter a productive and creative "flow" state, and to expand their personal knowledge, interests, and skills.

Include classical music in workplace wellness initiatives by creating designated musical "recharging" spaces with carefully curated playlists. Here, participants can put on some headphones, select a playlist for their needs (for example: stress reduction, focus, creativity), and relax, engage in an artistic activity, or brainstorm. You may also consider other music initiatives for wellbeing, such as installing a piano in an appropriate space, bringing in a live musician/group for an internal work lunch or event, or getting staff involved in developing some playlists with their favourite works.


4 - Classical Music in Marketing Initiatives:

From including live classical musicians in your publicity events through to collaborating with classical music content creators in capacities such as as influencers, UGC creators, or social media managers, there are many options which go beyond selecting a Chopin nocturne to match with a static image or short form video. Many classical musicians have learned to use social media to promote their own work, and take on remote work projects to help support their training, audition, competition, and travel fees. They are also often up for collaborating on a range of creative projects!


5 - Classical Music Workshops, Seminars, Events:

Foster a deeper appreciation for classical music by organising classical music events for your staff or clients, or for networking. Invite musicians, music historians, or educators to share insights into the world of classical compositions, creating a more informed and engaged audience. You could even collaborate with a larger organisation, such as an opera company or orchestra, to organise discounted performance tickets or private pre-performance events and talks, followed by the live performance of a ballet, opera, recital, or symphony programme.


New Sounds For Your Business?

Consider incorporating classical music into your business strategy, recognising it not just as a melodic backdrop but as a dynamic tool capable of enhancing productivity, fostering creativity, and shaping a memorable brand identity. Choose compositions that align with your business ethos, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with both your internal team and your external audience.

If you are interested in working with me directly (remotely or in Paris), contact me with some information about your brand/company and let's discuss how I can help (portfolio available upon request)! Happy listening!

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