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Paris: Voice/Stagecraft Classes for Wellbeing

Updated: Jun 5


My name is Kayla Collingwood. I am a classical singer and voice/music/stagecraft educator from New Zealand, now based in Paris, France.


An operatic singer and wellbeing? Tell me more!

I was immersed in many genres of music (live and recorded) as a child, and eventually got involved in classical music and began formal studies as an opera singer. After my studies, my work took me into many different contexts with many different encounters, conversations, and life-changing moments along the way. Throughout my training and education as a performer, there were many moments of personal growth and impacts on my wellbeing as I learned and applied different skills and techniques to overcome challenges.

This reached a new level when I completed a postgraduate qualification in theatre studies where I had the opportunity to devise workshops and study stagecraft philosophies in-depth; I realised the potential this work had to help people beyond a performance setting. The philosophies and principles involved in training an actor or other performer are often related to confronting our personal challenges, stripping away the unnecessary layers, beliefs, and learned behaviours which are not serving us, and connecting with ourselves, our bodies, and our voices on what can be considered quite a primal level!

In my teaching journey, I began by offering "standard" singing lessons, involving classical vocal technique and focusing on classical repertoire. This soon expanded into teaching a variety of genres and singers of all levels, and then into teaching the use of the voice more generally (not focusing on specific repertoire) as our most powerful, most basic means of expression! I have now combined my classical technical foundation and my study of various stagecraft principles into voice/stagecraft classes where the focus is not on technique (this develops organically), but on exploration, discovery, connection, and expression!


About my sessions

In our classes, we will initially use movement and physicality principles from theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski, Barba, and Grotowski to connect with ourselves (mind/body) and our environments. As the session goes on, we will reach a point where we are ready to vocalise - initially with very basic sounds. The ultimate goal is to reach a place where we can express emotions and tell stories with not only our voices, but our whole beings, and to see where that takes us! We may also use other forms of engagement with music to inspire our journey!

I teach in 1:1 and group settings, and take bookings for workshops, special events, and more. This work is suitable for wellbeing/wellness settings, such as holistic wellbeing centres, retreats, and similar contexts. It is also suitable for anyone who would like to connect more with their voice and its potential for any reason, such as work involving use of the voice, and for singers/perfomers who would like to apply their experiences to their repertoire. For 1:1, 1h sessions in Paris (no online sessions) the fee is 50euros in 2023/2024. For all other contexts, contact me to discuss costs!


How can this benefit my wellbeing?

In multiple ways! Each session is different, according to the mental/physical/etc. states of the participant/s that day. I have a general plan for how the session will run, but rely a lot on intuition according to the energy of the person/group during our time together!

Here a just a few ways in which this practice can benefit your wellbeing:

  • Body and spatial awareness: Participants will connect with their bodies, breath, and physicality, which will help them to heighten their focus on the present moment and to enter a state of creativity and flow.

  • Responses and reflexes: The way we respond to ourselves, our environments, and other living beings in our daily lives is generally informed by our lived experiences. However, in an "extra-daily" environment, we learn to connect with and trust our natural responses to new stimuli in the present moment!

  • Self-expression: As we move through the practice, we reach a point where using our voices is simply a natural step! From there, we can experiment with what our voices can do and how we can use them to express different needs/emotions/responses/etc - this can be a very freeing experience!

  • Emotional release: Liberating and extending the voice in this way often allows individuals to release emotions and tensions which they were unable to express before. This can be a very vulnerable thing to experience; I pay close attention to the development of emotional energy and I will be there to support you!

  • Empowerment: Building confidence in using one's voice and body encourages a sense of empowerment and self-assuredness. Along with the self-discovery and personal growth which can take place throughout the session, you can take a "levelled up" version of yourself back into the "real" world!

  • Creativity and problem-solving: Being in the "flow" state encourages creativity, innovativion, and problem-solving!

  • Communication skills: Your voice is your most powerful means of expression, and communication is of course a part of this! As you become more confident in the way you use your voice and body, you can unlock keys for better communication.

  • Fun, community, and mental health: The simple fact of connecting with other humans on this level can do wonders for mental health!



You can purchase a 1:1 music lesson in Paris or online at any time. For group classes and workshops: sign up to my mailing list or follow my social media to stay up to date, or contact me to organise a personalised class for your group. 1:1 lesson purchases are valid for one year. Options available: Singing, Classical Music Immersion, Voice/Stagecraft for Wellbeing.

Ready to book?

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