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Classical Music Immersion classes: Paris and online

Updated: Jun 7

Have you ever been curious about classical music, but didn't know where to start? Maybe you felt that you weren't smart enough, or educated enough, or were put off by music theory classes. Maybe you simply feel overwhelmed by just how MUCH music there is to discover!

This is the moment for you to start engaging with classical music, with me as your guide!


A little about me...

My name is Kayla, and I am a classical singer from New Zealand, now based in Paris, France. As well as singing, I have a passion for opening up the world of classical music to new listeners - no knowledge of music theory or performance skills necessary!

I did not grow up hearing classical music. I began to really explore it at the age of 15, and spent many hours scouring the internet, libraries, and listening to everything I could to familiarise myself with this world as much as I could.

Once I began tertiary singing studies, I soon realised that there was an enormous knowledge gap between those who had been exposed to classical music from a young age and those who had not had the opportunity. Many students in the latter group did not really know how to get started and felt like they were lagging far behind with their knowledge and familiarity with the repertoire, history, and stories of classical music.

I found that many people I encountered outside of music studies also had these barriers when it came to engaging with classical music and other "high arts". Over the years, I have had many conversations on this topic with people from all walks of life. I often saw a gleam in their eyes as they realised that they could discover this world, too, and a spark was lit!

When COVID hit, I turned my life and work experiences into a business: Sound Garden: classical music immersion. The site is a hub for learning about classical music, with products and content designed to help people of all ages to connect with classical music. Currently, all products are in the format of digital downloads and online content (you can discover more on my shop page).


Lessons and Classes

I am now offering 1:1 and small group online and in-person classical music immersion sessions, where you can discover the works, composers, and history of classical music in an interactive way, and learn how to integrate classical music into your daily life. You can select a general overview of classical music, or we can look at specific topics/works/composers of interest. The cost for 2023 is 50 euros per hour for a 1:1 session.

I also offer in-person group workshops from time to time.

So, how does it work?

  • Fill out the short form at the bottom of this page with some information about your level of musical knowledge, your musical interests, your general interests, and any other useful points. You'll find two versions: One regular PDF, and one editable.

  • Once I receive your completed form, I will contact you to finalise a session plan, provide payment details and refund/reschedule policy, and determine a suitable date and time.

  • During the session, we'll explore 3-5 musical works according to your interests and experience. We'll discuss elements of the composer/s, context/s, and music, and complete some activities related to each one. We'll complete a reflection and plan the next steps of your classical music listening journey

No prior knowledge necessary (but lessons will be tailored for all levels of knowledge and experience!), and you can book for one-off or regular sessions. Lessons are available in English or French, and can be paired with singing lessons. Available for individuals or groups. I also offer group workshops from time to time.

Interested in learning more?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Classical Music Immersion Registration - Online
Download PDF • 545KB
Classical Music Immersion Registration - Online - editable
Download PDF • 545KB

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