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"Embodied" poetry collection

"Embodied" is my third book of poetry. It is a collection of 50 poems, written over a period of five years (after relocating from New Zealand to Europe). These five years have been full of new challenges, adventures, encounters, and much more; every experience in life affects how a writer writes!

The selected works (out of many written during this time!) are inspired by reality, fiction, love, life, art, music, dear ones, strangers. Although my poems tend to have an intimate feel and are often written from a first-person point of view, it is rare that I publish the most deeply personal works! More often, a seed is planted from something I see/hear/experience, and a story grows out of this.

I'm excited to share this new collection with readers, and I have lots of ideas for future poetry-related content! I hope you enjoy "embodied" and it brings you joy; please consider leaving a review from your chosen seller if so!

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