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Singing Lessons: Paris and online

Updated: Sep 4


My name is Kayla, and I am a classical singer from New Zealand, now based in Paris, France.

I did not grow up hearing classical music. My musical development involved a wide variety of music, from traditional Māori waiata to 4-part barbershop singing to contemporary religious music to pop/rock/RnB/etc classics and hits... and so much more! This allowed me to develop an appreciation for many genres and to understand the different elements and vocal styles which make each one unique. In our lessons, we will work together to select songs from the music genres you connect with, along with some vocalises, folk songs, and anything else from the classical genre which may support you in your vocal development. Of course, if your genre of choice is classical music, we will select repertoire to suit you and your needs, too!


My specialisations

  • Building confidence and overcoming fear

As a singer, I had to overcome many challenges myself, largely to do with confidence, fear, and self-criticism. All this manifested in my ability to sing with freedom and healthy technique. As well as generally "teaching singing", I particularly specialise in helping students facing similar challenges. Together, we'll deconstruct your unique barriers, discover and develop tools to help you as you work to overcome them, and build up, brick-by-brick, the confidence and skills to take you to the next level in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Developing your sense of pitch/singing in tune

Although I have never faced this challenge myself, I also specialise in helping those who have been told they are "tone deaf". Over time, students develop and learn to trust themselves and their own sense of pitch (knowing whether a note is higher or lower than another and being able to sing it back). Having worked with previous students on this skill, I have found that I really enjoy the process and seeing (hearing!) the progress.

  • Preparation for auditions, recording sessions, concerts, and more

As well as my singing qualifications, I also hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Theatre Studies. Through both theoretical knowledge and real-world experience in a variety of different performance contexts, I understand the different skills and qualities you may need, and the traps and pitfalls you may encounter. I can offer tools, guidance, and tips to help you navigate unfamiliar or scary situations so you can showcase your voice and yourself to the best of your ability!


Book with me

Singing lessons are available in English or French, and can be paired with classical music immersion lessons - discover the history, context, and repertoire of classical music! As well as teaching in the Paris area, online lessons are possible. The cost for 2023 is 50 euros per hour (discounts available when booking multiple lessons, additional costs may apply for travel, studio bookings, optional resources).

Interested in learning more?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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