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5-day planner template: For when Monday-to-Friday formats just don't cut it!

This single-page, 5-day planner template comes in three versions, and is designed for those with a more flexible work/study/project schedule.

Maybe you are a creative, musician, artist, fitness instructor, freelancer/self-employed, or do something else which doesn't require you to be in the office/classroom Monday-Friday.

Maybe you're not a 9-5 worker, but would rather start your day at 10am, take a 2-hour lunch break, go to the gym, get coffee with a friend, and get back into it for a couple of hours in the evening.

Days are labelled as 1-5, rather than as the days of the week. The planner features sections for two sessions of task planning, a meal break (keep yourself energised!), and general notes. There is also space to annotate in the category margins.

You will receive three different versions of the planner in both A4 and A5 formats:

  • Day (morning and afternoon sessions, lunch)

  • Afternoon/Evening (afternoon and evening sessions, dinner)

  • Flexible (sessions 1 and 2, break)

Print as many copies as you like for personal use; more variations can be created upon request (if there is enough interest in variations, these variations may become permanently available).

Available now on Etsy!

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