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Singing Practice Companion

The 12 templates in this Singing Practice Companion are designed to assist singers of all genres and levels to structure their practice sessions efficiently and intentionally. Some of the templates are intended for everyday use, while others are relevant to specific points in the learning process - but all are designed to be used as needed by each singer!

Templates included:

  • Prepare: Allocate time blocks, check in with your environment and self.

  • Warm-up: Record your chosen warm-ups and details.

  • Practice: Get Familiar: Write down the basic information about a song/piece.

  • Practice: Analysis: Guide to breaking down a song/piece.

  • Practice: Technique: Record technical challenges and solutions.

  • Practice: Communication: Record communication/storytelling intentions and methods/devices.

  • Practice: Put It Together: Record specific details of what you worked on, what you achieved, and next steps.

  • Practice: Consolidate: Record repetition and memorisation details.

  • Reflect: Prompts to record how your practice session went.

  • Visualise It: A space to create a visual representation of anything you need!

  • Weekly Practice Planning: A week-view planner to schedule in your practice sessions, plans, and priorities.

  • Repertoire List: List essential details about the repertoire you are working on.

Suitable for individual use (studio options may be coming in the future) - you can print each template as many times as you like!

Available now on Etsy!

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