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Introduction to Classical Music Online Course

Hello! I'm Kayla Collingwood - a classical singer, creator, and educator. Over the COVID-19 period, I founded Sound Garden : classical music immersion - a hub for learning about classical music. Online courses are a part of this, and the Introduction to Classical Music course is a great place to start!

At the time of writing, the course is in two parts, covering the Medieval and Renaissance eras, and the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. Part III, covering 20th and 21st century Western classical music, is in the pipeline (and more to come, following a hiatus due to changing course hosting platforms). This course is for you if you:

  • Are interested in music

  • Are interested in history

  • Are interested in culture

  • Are simply curious!


Introduction to Classical Music: Part I: Early Music (476-1600AD)

About Part I: "Early music" contributed to the development of classical music as we know it today. From monophony to polyphony, from motets to madrigals, you'll finish this course with plenty of knowledge about the history of Medieval and Renaissance Europe and the music that developed from this context. You will also have much more music to add to your playlists!


Introduction to Classical Music: Part II: Baroque, Classical, and Romantic (1600-1900)

About Part II: During the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Eras, classical music as we know it today really began to take shape. From Bach to Beethoven and many more, learn about the great composers of these eras, the contexts in which they lived and worked, and the ground-breaking music they created - much of which is still performed today!



Here's what course participants have said!

  • "I loved so much of the course!"

  • "Easy to read and understand"

  • "I loved the music examples...many types of music and history from different cultures"

  • "I felt like I’d learned lots and felt good about what I’d learned"


Want a personalised learning experience?

You can book a 1:1 Classical Music Immersion call with me! We'll explore some classical music works in an interactive way. Content can be tailored to your interests, or you can leave the music selections up to me!


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